In Their Shoes - Anne Stonehouse

Check out the free recourse by Anne Stonehouse, a Territory favourite, as many will remember Anne's lecturers and work with Family Day Care and then the many NT Conferences that Anne has presented at.

"The pages that follow suggest situations, sometimes exaggerated, sometimes not, in which our experiences might be similar to a child’s.

Trying to take a child’s perspective helps us see more clearly how much there is to learn and figure out in their early years—and what a challenge that is when there are so many contradictory messages, so many adults not practising what they’re preaching. For example: an adult is having a coffee. A young child approaches and reaches for the cup. The adult pulls it away and admonishes the child: ‘No, don’t touch, it’s hot.’ Clear message, right? But what does the adult do? Not only touches the cup, but drinks from it! It’s amazing that children do figure out so much so quickly. It’s a good thing they are excellent learners. "