ISACNT study into the NT’s ECEC

You have a chance to give your feedback about ECEC and staffing needs. Help shape the Sector in the NT by having some Input to ISACNT report. 

"The NT already has a well-developed ECEC sector, with providers in all regions. However, not all regions, have the same availability of ECEC services due to the remote nature of the NT. There is also the challenge of being culturally appropriate when catering for the NT’s multicultural population. The NT, consequently, is confronted with unique barriers to ensure all children receive the same opportunities in terms of access to ECEC services. Due to this situation, Industry Skills Advisory Council Northern Territory (ISACNT) plans to undertake a study into the NT’s ECEC sector to determine the state of the industry. The research will focus on strength and pressure points the industry is facing in the different NT regions. It further will take a workforce perspective to examine what qualification and experience the ECEC workforce hold. Lastly, the study will seek to determine the overall inflow of workforce needed in the coming years and if the NT has enough people finishing higher education or vocational education and training to enter the ECEC workforce."


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